The name NEKKO comes from the Japanese word for “root” (根).


  • Amplify brand awareness within the hair care category
  • Drive high conversion rates and ROI on the website
  • Foster relationships with both new and returning customers


  • Leverage Performance Max and Search ads to educate customers about scalp care products
  • Seamlessly showcase products on Google by connecting the Shopify store to Google Merchant Center
  • Collect and display customer reviews using the Yotpo platform and Google Shopping syndication


  • 395% Return on Investment (ROI) for Google Ads
  • 89% increase in orders and 56% increase in sales
  • 4.65 star rating across all products ⭐⭐⭐⭐

At Nekko, our mission is to formulate scalp care products that deeply clean and treat your scalp to give you strong, healthy hair.

Arisa & Sayaka, Founders of Nekko

About Nekko

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Nekko is a scalp and hair care brand that prioritizes root care. Their commitment to sustainability, quality control, and plant-derived ingredients ensures products that deeply cleanse, treat, and nourish the scalp, promoting optimal hair health.

By utilizing Google Ads, Nekko significantly enhanced its online presence and achieved remarkable results. With the ability to precisely target customers based on their interests and purchase intent, Nekko experienced a surge in leads and revenue, solidifying its position in the hair care market.


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