Online engagement, lead generation, and brand credibility.


  • Enhance Digital Presence
  • Drive Engagement
  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Credibility
  • Conversion Optimization


  • Website Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Events & Sponsorships


  • HubSpot email website traffic referrals up by 26.8%
  • Organic Google website traffic increased by 66.7%
  • LinkedIn website traffic referrals surged by 93%
  • Introductory Call Landing Page: Impressive 700% increase YoY
Michelle has been a valuable asset to VITAL’s growth over the last two years. She is a great communicator, listens well, and is incredibly focused. I value her ability to make sense of abstract concepts and ideas, ask clarifying questions, then take action. She is a people person and fantastic connector. When something lites her up or ignites her passion, she puts all her energy into driving that project forward. Her bubbly personality and positivity are welcome in any group, especially one that is so focused and driven as our team. She adds levity and humanity to all that we do.
Matt Bernath, VITAL CEO


VITAL, a leading provider of tailored business support and financial software solutions exclusively designed for Custom Integration (CI) businesses, partnered with Mattingly Consulting to enhance its digital presence and drive growth.


Digital Marketing Strategies:

1. Website:

  • Strategy: Serve as a comprehensive resource hub for CI businesses.
  • Tactics:
    • Regularly update the blog with insightful articles.
    • Optimize for mobile-friendliness and fast loading times.
    • Implement clear CTAs for membership inquiries.
  • Website KPIs and Metrics:
    • Traffic (Organic, Referral, Direct)
    • Bounce Rate
    • Conversion Rate
    • Page Views
    • Time on Page
  • Defining Success:
    A key measure of success is the purchase of the Financial Benchmarking service and the use of the free introductory call. These offerings serve as entry points for potential VITAL members.
    • Financial Benchmarking Landing Page: Saw an 827.5% increase year over year, attributed to both digital and offline marketing efforts.
    • Free Introductory Call Landing Page: Experienced a 700% increase year over year.

2. Email Marketing:

  • Strategy: Leverage email marketing to nurture leads and keep members engaged.
  • Tactics:
    • Segment the email list based on behavior and interests.
    • Send bi-weekly newsletters with curated content and event updates.
    • Run targeted campaigns for special offers or events.
  • Email Marketing KPIs and Metrics:
    • Open Rate
    • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
    • Conversion Rate
    • Subscriber Growth Rate
    • Unsubscribe Rate
  • Results: Marketing emails saw a 17.18% increase in emails sent, 10.8% increase in open rates, 0.87% increase in click rate, and 0.03% decrease in unsubscribe rate year over year.

3. Social Media:

  • Strategy: Establish thought leadership and connect with CI business professionals.
  • Tactics:
    • Share blog posts, industry insights, and member success stories.
    • Engage with the community by responding to comments and messages.
    • Use LinkedIn Analytics to track post performance.
  • Social Media KPIs and Metrics:
    • Engagement Rate
    • Follower Growth Rate
    • Clicks and Visits from Social Media
  • Results: LinkedIn Follower Growth – 1170 total followers with 643 new followers in the last 365 days.

Offline Marketing:

1. Events (Seminars, Workshops, Trade Shows):

  • Strategy: Host or participate in industry events to establish thought leadership and generate leads.
  • Tactics:
    • Organize webinars or workshops focused on financial strategies for CI businesses.
    • Participate in relevant trade shows or industry conferences.
    • Provide informative presentations at events.

2. Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • Strategy: Increase brand visibility and credibility by sponsoring industry-related events.
  • Tactics:
    • Identify key events or associations aligning with VITAL’s target audience.
    • Negotiate sponsorship packages for maximum exposure.
    • Leverage sponsorships for pre-event promotion and post-event follow-up.

Mattingly Consulting’s integrated approach resulted in significant growth across digital channels, increased engagement on social media, and a substantial rise in offline event participation, ultimately contributing to VITAL’s success in the competitive CI industry.

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