Objective: Elevate digital presence and connect with key stakeholders in a virtual world.

Results: All-new electronic newsletter created, with an average open rate of 35.68% and average click rate of 8.16% – both shattering industry standards. Social media presence also established to reach, connect with and engage key stakeholders.

As the COVID-19 pandemic’s far-reaching impact on business became apparent, AV Partners – a team of manufacturer sales representatives for luxury home entertainment technology – sought to increase its digital marketing, create meaningful virtual connections to replace previously held in-person meetings, and enhance its social presence. Mattingly Consulting helped AV Partners create and launch key digital communication tools that have enabled the company to maintain connections with stakeholders in new ways.

To provide increased communication to AV Partners’ current and potential customers, a monthly newsletter was created to share timely, relevant content covering product information, promotional deals, training opportunities, events and more with a carefully curated mailing list. Recipients of the newsletter include stakeholders with direct interest in the industry such as custom installation professionals who purchase products from the brands AV Partners represents. From June 2020 to December 2021, the average open rate for the newsletter was 35.68% with an average click rate of 8.16% – significantly higher averages than the industry standard.* Also of note during this same time period was the growth of the mailing list, which increased by nearly 11%.

In addition to the newsletter, Mattingly Consulting launched AV Partners’ social media presence on multiple platforms, including Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. These platforms have provided the AV Partners team another channel through which it can share its expertise and training, and amplify and leverage the stories and content being shared through the newsletter.


  • Discovery & Strategy
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • E-mail List Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Monthly Client Meetings
  • Program Management


  • Elevated digital presence
  • Newsletter open rate of 35.68%*
  • Newsletter click rate of 8.16%*
  • Nearly 11% growth of newsletter mailing list
  • Establishment of social media presence

*According to Mailchimp, the average email open rate is 21.33% and the average click rate is 2.62% across all industries.

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