Did you know that 72% of customers who do a local search visit a business within five miles of their current location? That’s a huge amount of people using Google to look for a business like yours.

But how do you bring them through your doors?

Google Ads.

I’ll be honest: Google Ads is one of the best digital advertising tools around, but it can feel overwhelming. And that overwhelm makes a lot of business owners skip it altogether.

But the power of Google Ads makes it well worth its spot in my toolkit as both a digital marketer and a small business owner. Let’s dig into why.


What are Google ads?

Google Ads is a pay-per-click (you only pay if people click) advertising service that lets you list your website on Google search results for a specific keyword.

What does that mean? Let’s break it down even further.

When you search Google for “local dog food stores”, you’ll notice that the top results are identified as “Ads.” These are Google ads that these businesses are running for the phrase “local dog food stores.”

Placing at the top of the search results increases their chances of people clicking on their link and sending traffic to their website.

Why do I need Google Ads?

You might think, “Well, can’t I just use SEO to get to the top of the search results?” You can, but getting to the top of organic search results takes a lot of time and effort. Google Ads can help get customers through your doors while your SEO builds up.

As I mentioned earlier, almost three-quarters of people who use Google to find a business nearby end up visiting that location. That makes Google Ads a great way to reach out to potential customers in your community.


Are Google Ads worth it?

In my opinion, Google Ads are a must-have for any small or medium business owner for three simple reasons:

  • Their pay-per-click setup is reasonable and efficient for every business’s budget.
  • They’re flexible. You can adjust the budget or run time easily.
  • They’re effective. You can reach a bigger target market and direct them to your website with less effort.

Google Ads is one of my favorite tools to use to create effective digital marketing for my clients and in my own business. They’re a great fit if you have a physical location (think gyms, restaurants, clothing boutiques) or if you have a strong website!

Want to learn more about whether Google Ads is right for your business or how I can help run effective digital ads for your business? Click here to connect!

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